Episode 9: Optimal Nutrition, Diet Fanatics, & Food Ethics (w/ Brian Sanders)

Brian Sanders has spent years researching nutrition. I picked his brain about food fanaticism, health myths, how to rapidly improve your nutrition, and more!

Topics Addressed:

  • Summary / intro (0:00)
  • How I met Brian & what I’ve noticed (1:58)
  • Brian’s journey (3:12)
  • Why are diets dogmatic–like religion and politics? (7:14)
  • Should you do the same diet forever? (9:49)
  • Being open-minded on your diet journey (13:49)
  • How did saturated fat and cholesterol become villains? (20:00)
  • Thinking all calories are the same (26:43)
  • Recapping Brian’s answer about saturated fat (29:41)
  • What’s the optimal way of eating, according to Brian? (33:00)
  • The healthiest version of a plant-based diet (34:00)
  • Recapping Brian’s answer about optimal eating (39:37)
  • A hack to make plant-based nutrition more complete (41:27)
  • Brian’s perspective about ethics in food production (43:20)
  • How industrial monocrops are like genocide (46:10)
  • Regenerative agriculture – the real solution (50:58)
  • How consistent is Brian at eating healthy foods? (56:45)
  • Basic cooking skills as a key to health (1:01:54)
  • Brian’s experience with fasting (1:07:41)
  • #1 advice to improve your health (1:09:45)
  • 2 other keys to health (1:12:53)

Resources Mentioned: 

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Picture of Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben has been practicing as a physician assistant (PA, or PA-C, similar to a doctor) in emergency medicine, urgent care, and family practice since 2014. Since 2016, he has developed an avid interest in various forms of fasting, using it to improve his own health while helping friends, family, and patients do the same.