Episode 56:  “The Salt Fix” – Detailed Summary [Why You Need MORE Salt, Not Less]

Salt is a SUPER-important topic for anyone who’s fasting or eating low-carb. Salt is also very important for overall health.

That’s why today I’m sharing a detailed book summary of The Salt Fix (by Dr. James DiNicolantonio).

This is really valuable info that not a lot of people know!

Take a listen. I think you’ll find it useful. 🙂

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  • Intro to episode (0:00) 
  • Book introduction (2:24)
  • Chapter 1 – But doesn’t salt cause high blood pressure? (4:31)
  • Chapter 2 – We are salty folk (6:14)
  • Chapter 3 – The war against salt, and how we demonized the wrong white crystal (8:04)
  • Chapter 4 – What really causes heart disease? (15:13)
  • Chapter 5 – We are starving inside (19:57)
  • Chapter 6 – Crystal rehab: Using salt cravings to kick sugar addiction (23:49)
  • Chapter 7 – How much salt do you really need? (28:13)
  • Chapter 8 – The salt fix: give your body what it really needs (38:02)
  • Epilogue & appendices (46:01)

Resources Mentioned: 

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Picture of Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben has been practicing as a physician assistant (PA, or PA-C, similar to a doctor) in emergency medicine, urgent care, and family practice since 2014. Since 2016, he has developed an avid interest in various forms of fasting, using it to improve his own health while helping friends, family, and patients do the same.