Episode 18: Insulin Overload, Diabetes, & 4 Keys to Better Nutrition (w/ Dr Ben Bikman)

Dr. Ben Bikman (PhD) is an expert on insulin. We discuss insulin resistance, diabetes, related health conditions, and the quickest ways to improve your health.

Topics Addressed:

  • Preview / summary (00:0)
  • Dr. Bikman’s background (1:36)
  • What is insulin resistance (IR)? (3:40)
  • How does IR affect different organs? (4:35)
  • Insulin basics (6:55)
  • Why do diabetic patients measure glucose instead of insulin (7:56)?
  • “Prediabetes” is a serious health condition (13:55)
  • Should we be giving insulin to type 2 diabetics? (15:04)
  • What other medical conditions are related to high insulin? (21:05)
  • How to know if you have too much insulin (26:03)
  • The “4 pillars” of better nutrition (28:31)
  • Harms of vegetable oils & seed oils, how to avoid (33:09)
  • Good fats vs bad fats, good carbs vs bad carbs (36:43)
  • How nutrition can benefit diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, & more (38:09)
  • Best ways to improve metabolic health besides nutrition (39:08)
  • How exercise affects blood sugar (43:24)
  • What types of exercise should you be doing? (45:19)
  • Where to connect with Dr. Bikman (49:14)

Resources Mentioned: 

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Picture of Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben has been practicing as a physician assistant (PA, or PA-C, similar to a doctor) in emergency medicine, urgent care, and family practice since 2014. Since 2016, he has developed an avid interest in various forms of fasting, using it to improve his own health while helping friends, family, and patients do the same.