Episode 10: 5 Tips to Survive Holiday Feasts [& what to do afterwards]

Today I share several practical tips about how to deal with holiday feasts.  Plus how to get back on track afterwards.  Hope it helps!

Topics Addressed:

  • Introduction & overview (00:07)
  • Tip #1: Don’t show up hungry (2:58)
  • Tip #2: Volunteer to bring a low-carb dish (4:11)
  • Tip #3: If cooking all day, eat a fatty breakfast / brunch (6:00)
  • Tip #4: Drink extra water before & after (7:18)
  • Tip #5: Go on a walk after your meal (8:22)
  • Bonus Tip: Avoiding the “all-or-nothing” mindset (10:02)
  • Part 2: What to do after feasting (12:31)
  • Go easy on yourself (13:50)
  • Hydrate and do a little bit of exercise (14:15)
  • Fasting / TRE after a feast (15:29)
  • Focus on meal timing, no snacks (16:48)
  • If out of control:  Fat fasting (17:41)
  • Summary: (18:31)
  • Putting it in action (22:01)

Resources Mentioned: 

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Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben Tanner, PA-C

Ben has been practicing as a physician assistant (PA, or PA-C, similar to a doctor) in emergency medicine, urgent care, and family practice since 2014. Since 2016, he has developed an avid interest in various forms of fasting, using it to improve his own health while helping friends, family, and patients do the same.